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About the Pole Boot

After observing the time, man power and costs with inspecting and replacing rotten poles, the developer, with thirty years experience as an Engineering Technician in the utility industry, clearly identified a need for a device of this nature. The negative effects on our environment caused by the leaching of harmful chemicals from the pole were also a major concern for the development of the POLE BOOT system.

How it works

The POLE BOOT is designed to enclose the portion of the pole that is buried in the ground. A standard pole is buried five to seven feet in the ground and the POLE BOOT is eight feet long. Custom sizes are available for your special applications.

The POLE BOOT envelope is slid up over the bottom portion of the pole before it is placed into the ground. Once the pole is in the ground the top portion of the BOOT is sealed to prevent moisture & pests from contacting the pole and harmful chemicals leaching into the ground. 

The Seal

A multiple seal process is used to maintain the integrity of the POLE BOOT. At ground level a repetitive seal is then applied around the envelope to ensure a maintenance free seal for years. The hermetical seal will not shrink, harden or oxidize over time.

To complete installation, an galvanized band is wrapped around the seal and galvanized nailed to the pole, further enhancing the durability and longevity of the pole and POLE BOOT.

The POLE BOOT is very easy to install and requires no special tools; all that is required is a hammer, utility knife, and tin snips. Once installed the POLE BOOT becomes a maintenance free solution to pole rot and the issues surrounding the contamination of our environment caused by the use of dangerous chemicals for preservation of utility poles.

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