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Save Time, Money and the Environment

The POLE (Plastic Outside Layer Envelope) BOOT was created to extend the life of wooden utility poles, and to protect our environment. The patented POLE BOOT envelope is quick and easy to install, resists punctures, tears, and abrasions, when installed on the bottom of any wooden utility pole.

Benefits of the Pole Boot

  • Protects our environment by preventing the leaching of harmful chemicals (wood preservatives) into the surrounding ground.
  • Greatly extends the life of wooden utility poles.
  • Fewer poles being replaced results in less trees being harvested and less cost on replacement of utility poles.
  • Easy installations.
  • No maintenance after installation.

The POLE BOOT is the solution for protecting our environment, reducing material costs and labour expenses.


  • Wooden Utility Poles Prevention
  • Environment Protection
  • Light Poles Protection
  • Telephone Poles Conservation
  • Utility Poles Prevention
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Wooden Pole Contamination Prevention
  • Timber Poles Protection
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